Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We here at KSR Solutions understand that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many individuals might not be aware of where to go or who to contact to get access to resources.  Check your local area community, state or city resources.

Here's information for U.S. individuals and businesses:

Center for Disease Control: 

U.S. Small Business Administration- Disaster Loan Assistance: 

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Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Business & Financing Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant

It is my mission to help those who are seeking to start and grow their businesses but need the knowledge to get there. I believe that 'If You Dream It, You Can Achieve It', so lets help you achieve your dreams. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach you what I know.

"Action tells the story of what you didn't say and fulfills your unspoken promise." ~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Keynote Speaker

WBC Collecting Change Conference

“In life or business, giving up is not an option. You will achieve your dreams when you have laser focus, reaching within & never giving up. ~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

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