Successful Business Planning for the Busy Small Business Owner!

Join our business planning and development training to  help you create a business plan you can use to start, grow or finance your business.

  • Have you been struggling to write your business plan?
  • Is the financial aspects of the 
  • Think you don't have the time to write a plan?
  • Want to understand the fundamentals of business planing to grow your small business?

Learn the Do's & Don't's, create clear objectives, goals, financing fundamentals, market penetration, and much more about business planning! 

This training equips attendees with strategies for success and much more!

Training Dates


  • 1/13/2023 & 1/14/2023

    FRIDAY, 1/13: 8:00AM - 5PM ET
    SATURDAY, 1/14: 9:30AM - 2:30PM ET

Business Planning Training Fundamentals

  • Define & Develop

    Developing your idea is essential! Identifying and defining the purpose of your business is a must.

  • Research & Review

    Research core aspects of your business concept to determine viability and longevity.

  • Business Fundamentals & Compliance

    Understand business fundamentals that keeps your company operations functional, keeps you compliant with the government and open for business.

  • Service or Product Monetization

    Design and develop your service or product concepts with strategies to enhance customer experience.

  • Management & Operational Processes

    Define how you will manage your company and the key personnel needed to operate at an optimum level.

  • Marketing Solutions

    Define your target market, industry trends and more through the 5P's of Marketing - Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People. You'll also identify strategic opportunities to reach and engage your targeted client base.

  • Financial & Funding Aspects

    Create credible financial forecasts that makes sense for starting and growing a successful business. Determine financing needs and access to capital strategies that is right for you and makes sense to investors, lenders and or partners.

  • Growth and Plan Utilization

    Clear and concise process developed showing strategic steps to aid growth and investment opportunities.

  • Questions Your Plan Must Answer

    You will learn what you must include in your plan to answer questions from potential financing and or investor sources.

Get Your Business Ready for 2023!

Want to get your business on track with a solid plan for 2023 and beyond?

If you want to get your business on track for growth, profitability, and sustainable operations, then this intensive training is your starting point for 2023!

Let's do this, NOW!

Why Should You Join This Training Program?

Let's Accelerate Your Business Profitability!

Do you want to develop and grow your small business? You should attend this event.

Do you need a plan for successfully building a business you can be proud of? This event is for you too!

IF you know your business could be doing better financially, join us!

If you had a plan years ago but are now at a crossroads with the direction of your business, join us!

If you are not sure what you are doing wrong and need clarity, you should plan on joining us!

Even if you know what strategies to implement, you should seriously consider joining this unique training event!

Join us at one of our upcoming training sessions to prepare your business for growth.

Gain access to the opportunity of prizes and surprises through our 'Accelerate Your Business Challenge: Business Planning & Pitch Competition' coming up later this year.


What you'll receive by attending this training!

  • Learn the fundamentals of how to prepare for launching and growing a successful venture.

  • Learn the key components of business planning and pitching your business idea.

  • Learn the numbers - identify the financial aspect of your business plan and the role they play.

  • You will also receive a training manual and other resources

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Short List of Topics Covered

    • Business Planning Fundamentals

    • Service or Product Offerings

    • Business Planing Do's & Don'ts

    • Business Development Needs

    • Creating A Strong Plan

    • Understanding the Components of a Business Plan

    • Operational Needs and Process Management

    • Defining Market & Target Audience

    • Developing a Financial Forecast

    • Financing Needs

    • Business Planning Financing Strategies

    • Planning for Success

    • What Lenders Look For

    • Pitching Your Plan

    • Samples, Templates & Forms

    • Questions & Answer Session

    • And Much More

Training Benefits

Here's what you can expect as benefits you will gain from attending this indepth training intensive

  • KNOWLEDGE: You will leave the intensive session with the knowledge that your plan is either ready to go or you have some more work to do.

  • VALIDATION: You will be able to validate your business idea or your current business model.

  • GOALS - You will be able to identify clear goals that make sense for your business model and situation.

  • QUALITY: Training instructor(s) with years of experience in small business planning, financing, and judging business plans.

  • SOLUTIONS: You will leave the training session feeling empowered to effectively create or improve your business plan based on the solutions you will receive to do so.

  • ACTION: You will receive actionable steps that you can engage to make your plan a viable and usable document for your business and financial growth.

  • RESOURCES: You will receive loads of resources to assist you in successfully developing and maximizing your plan for the business.

  • TOOLS: You will also receive numerous tools, including spreadsheets, templates, and more, to help you get it done!

  • COMMUNITY: You will be a part of a group of individuals who are serious about growing their companies.

Autographed Copy of Bestselling Book

Extra Special Offer!

When you opted for attending the Business Planning Intensive training and select the 'Intensive + Autographed Book' option, you will receive the following bestselling book:

Spank The Bank: The Guide to Alternative Business Financing

Author: Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Amazon Bestselling Categories: 'Finance & Entrepreneurship'

Secret to Success Quote: 

“The secret to success is knowing you have the skills and knowledge to build an entrepreneurial empire but know that you cannot effectively succeed without helping others, and trusting those who show up to help you.”

~Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Bonus Surprises

Additional Bonus Opportunities Below!

  • Bonus Surprises

    You will receive a bonus bundle including:
    You will receive a Business Planning Guide with loads of information to help you.
    A 30-day Email Course Program to help you plan out and get your plan completed. You will receive an email each day with action steps to help guide you.
    You will also be able to submit your business plan into our upcoming
    'Spank the Bank, NOW Business Planning Competition'
    in Spring 2023.
    When submitting your plan to the competition, you must use the following code to access the benefits from attending this training: STB-bpi-1131423

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