VIP Financial Intensive Day

Welcome! The Spank The Bank, NOW VIP Financial Intensive Day is a 1-day event designed to address the issues impeding business owners, especially women's, growth and sustainability. 

It is time to align your vision with innovative strategies that can lead to true financial success. Entrepreneurial success comes to those who are willing to take the necessary steps to ensure they have a fighting chance. Let's take the guess-work out of how you achieve your dreams.




The opportunity to become financially successful in business can often be an elusive dream. However, the ability to build a strong financial foundation makes the difference between failure and you succeeding. Your bank account can only grow when you know what you're missing and where you’re lacking.

When you know what is causing you to fail financially, AND learn strategies to improve your financial foundation, it will make the difference. You can create opportunities that create Multiple Streams of Income and Passive Revenue. These opportunities will not be possible unless you face your problems head on and seek the answers you need.

It’s time to CHANGE Your Attitude!

It’s time to SHIFT Your Mindset!

It’s time to take Action NOW!

Learn Key Strategies and Secrets to Money

This event is geared to help you identify, design and develop your plan for financial growth, starting immediately!

Who Should Attend This Event?

  1. The business owner who is tired of the financial cob-web they've been existing in and needs answers now should plan on attending!
  2. The business owner who realizes that what they have been doing has not been working should definitely attend!
  3. The business owner who knows their financial house is in disarray AND knows it's time to make a change should certainly attend!
  4. The business owner who is ready to learn strategies to improve their financial position, increase profitability, and allow for sustainable growth opportunities must attend!

This event will be a fast-paced coaching program and will be delivered in an easy-to-understand format that can be implemented in a short time period.

Spank The Bank, Now

Financial Intensive VIP Day: It's Time to Get Real With Your Money!

  • Learn What's Holding You Back!

    Learn what your financial roadblocks are and what you need to do to change and improve your financial well-being.

  • Strategies to Grow Your Bank Account

    Learn strategies that are time-tested and proven to work for those who are willing to solve their financial conundrum.

  • Putting It All Together

    Learn how to use core business and growth strategies to increase and improve your financial position.

Benefits of Taking Action Today!

Joining this coaching program will change your 'Money Perspective' for the better! Check out these additional benefits:

  • Identify Core Money Beliefs and Issues Impeding Your Financial Growth.

  • Define a Course of Action to Improve and Increase your Cash Flow,

  • Develop a Plan of Action that Sets You up for Financial Success.

  • One Lucky Attendee Will WIN a 'Business MakeOver' Session!


Each Attendee Will Receive The Following Bonuses As Part of The Intensive Day Package. TOTAL VALUE: $1,700+

  • Free Ecourse

  • Training Session Audio

  • 60-Day Email Support

Financial Intensive Topics

Here's a Short-List of Topics

  • 1

    Congrats! Get Ready!

    • Personalized Discovery Session
    • Initial Business Assessment
  • 2

    Session 1 - Analyze – Get Ready

    • Solving Your Financial Conundrum
    • Getting Real With Your Money!
    • And Much More!
  • 3

    Session 2 - Prepare -Set

    • Financial Management for Success
    • Increase Your Productivity
    • And Much More
  • 4

    Session 3 - ACTION - Go

    • Financial Road Map to Success
    • Launch – Do It
    • Measuring Your Success
    • Running Your Race!
    • And Much More!