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This course, Essential Elements of a Good Business Plan, provides a foundation to help students design and develop their business plan. It identifies core areas that they must address in their plan to make it a viable working document. It is designed primarily to give new business owners a better understanding of what is expected and should be included in their plan.
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About This Course

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  • Karlene Sinclair-Robinson


    Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

    Karlene Sinclair-Robinson is the Bestselling Author of Spank The Bank: The Guide to Alternative Business Financing. She has been dubbed "The Queen of Business Financing" and "Business-Knowledge Superstar" with over 15 years of business experience. She is the Founder and Managing Member of KSR Solutions, LLC. She founded KSR on the premise that more was needed to help lower and eventually eliminate the business failure rate. Karlene has been an in-the-classroom entrepreneurial instructor for over nine (9) years. With the need to provide more access to training and her willingness to share, she's embarked on including ecourses as part of her solution to supporting her clients and students. Karlene is considered a foremost expert in Entrepreneurship, Business Financing, Small Business, New Business Development, Business Planning, and Leadership. She has been a social media influencer in the areas of financing, small business, and entrepreneurship.


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