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Where Business Owners Come to Get Real With Their Business & Financial Concerns.

Let's Make This Year A Profitable Year!

The 'Developing & Maximizing My Business' Growth, Profitability & Financing Potential' Intensive is an 8-Week+ coaching and training program designed to assist business owners who are ready to develop financially strong enterprises. 

It was created based on the fundamental and monetary challenges impeding early stage business owners, especially women-owned small businesses. 

The focus of this coaching program is to assist those individuals entrepreneurs who are serious about understanding and improving their financial position and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

This coaching program will present an extensive array of the financial aspects of business and leveraging strategies for financial and growth sustainability.

With the impact of the pandemic, now more than ever, small business owners need to think and operate strategically, while being prepared for the next wave of growth, and future potential challenges. 

Join this program if you need to:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve & Better Manage Cash Flow
  • Improve & Increase Profitability
  • Improve Access to Capital Opportunities
  • Save Time & Money


Get ready to transform yourself and your business! You want to build the vision you have for your business but know that you need guidance and support to make it happen. So, let's get out of the rat race!


VIP Day - Live Virtual Event

 Intensive Ecourse Access

Initial Discovery Session

Personalized Coaching Session

Group Coaching Sessions (12-Months)



“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.” 
― Idowu Koyenika








Intensive Program Includes

  • 1


    • Program Overview

    • Getting Started

    • Personal Discovery Session

    • Group Coaching Calls

    • Ecourse Access

    • VIP Day Live Event

  • 2

    VIP Day

    • VIP Day - Live Virtual Event

  • 3

    Weekly Sessions

    • WEEKS 1 & 2 - Laying The Foundation For Success

    • WEEKS 3 & 4 - All About Building Your Business

    • WEEKS 5 & 6 - Where's My Money Going? Know Your Numbers

    • WEEKS 7 & 8 - Financial Management for Growth & Profitability

    • WEEKS 9 & 10 - Financing Success Strategies

    • WEEKS 11 & 12 - It's Action Time - Take Charge!

    • Working Sessions

  • 4

    Business Operations That Make Sense

    • Business Fundamentals You Must Manage

  • 5

    Financial Aspects to Master

    • Getting Real With Your Money

    • Bridging The Financial Gap

    • Credit Management Strategies that Make Sense

    • Debunking The Money Conundrum

  • 6

    Financial Methods for Success

    • Financial Forecasting for Success

    • Cash Flow Management

    • Profitability Factors

    • Analyzing Your Results

    • Growth Opportunity Strategies

    • Action Planning Stages

  • 7

    Access To Capital Demystified

    • Challenges to Access to Capital

    • Capital Access Solutions

    • Steps to Successfully Accessing Capital

    • AND Much More!

  • 8

    Business Success Strategies

    • Core Factors for Success

    • Fundamentals of Business Success

    • And Much More!

  • 9

    And Much More!

    • Planning Guide, Workbook & More


Here is a list of benefits you get for joining our program:

  • Empowers you to take control of your finances!

  • Learn the fundamentals of budgeting and money management!

  • Help you define goals and strategies for improving your financial well-being!

  • Helps you understand the foundational issues you need to address in order to transform your financial position!

  • You will have a better understanding of your business and financial position!

  • Help you devise a strategy for future growth!

What is Included:

This Business & Financial Intensive Coaching Program INCLUDES:

  • 1-on-1 Personal Discovery Session

  • Personalized Strategy Session

  • Group Coaching Calls

  • Training Modules

  • Working Session

  • Workbook, Templates and Sample Forms

  • Accountability Emails

  • And More!


Each Enrolled Coaching Client Will Receive The Following Bonuses (TOTAL VALUE: $2,900)

  • First seven (7) enrollees who pay in full will receive a special surprise gift!

  • Training Sessions Audio Downloads

  • Special Guest Trainer/Speaker

  • Access to 3 Ecourses

  • Free Book

Enrollment Closes:

January 2, 2023 @ 11:59 PM ET


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Limited Enrollments Accepted - so don't delay registering!

Limited Enrollment Accepted! Don't Delay Registering

Refunds & More - Please Read Before Enrolling!

  • Upon enrolling in this program, you have three (3) days to cancel your transaction without incurring any fees.
  • Enrollees who withdraw from this program prior  (seven (7) days or more) to the start of the intensive training will receive a refund minus $75 processing fee.
  • Enrollees who paid in full and later decide to withdraw after the start of the intensive forfeits any and all refund option. No refunds will applicable. 
  • Enrollees who selected the payment plan option and who chooses to withdraw after the start of the program are still be responsible for making payments per payment terms.
  • Bonus offers are not applicable to those who withdrawn prior to the start of the program. 
  • Enrollees who cancel after the start date of the program will receive applicable bonuses applicable to the time bonus items are released.

More terms and conditions can be found here:

CLICK HERE:  Refunds & Cancellations

Charitable Contribution

Charitable contribution program - 5% of your payment will be donated to one of three charitable organizations in support of female entrepreneurs, children or animals. You get to select the type of organization we will make the donation to on your behalf. 

Thank you for helping us support worthy causes.


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